"I have gathered a posy of other men's flowers and nothing but the thread that connects them is mine own."

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Part II of my Suki Cosplay WIP posts. Armor time!

I had a lot of fun with this part. Check out the photo captions for most of the process. To finish it all, I edged everything in black bias tape. The front chest, back and front/back leg panels are sewn together with velcro along one seam. I’d like to replace the velcro with a zipper at some point, but I ran out of time before Geek Girl Con when I first wore it. The side leg panels are also attached with velcro, but it works pretty well in that case so the velcro gets to stay :)

The green belt is a simple belt made of the dark green fabric wrapped around a few times and tied in the back.

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More Suki bits and bobs! The bracers were made in the same fashion as the chest piece. I used a cardboard tube to curve the wonderflex after it was sewn into the cotton and vinyl.

The head piece is made of wonderflex as well, with some wooden dowels, tassels and the same gold fabric as the bracers and sleeves. 

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Photo by: Chloe S.

Costume by: Honeysaliva

Makeup by: Undead Pixels

A few photos of me as Kyoshi Warrior Suki. I made this a long time ago and the quality shows in person, but it works for photos. I had soo much fun in this costume and I’m still shocked how much attention I got for it. ;_;